WRO Brick set


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The WRO Brick Set is an assortment of bricks intended for use in any WRO Regular Category challenge – independent of age group.

The bricks in one box are enough to construct all LEGO objects for one Regular Category challenge. In other words, one WRO Bricks set is good for one game table in either Elementary, Junior High or High School.

The WRO Brick Set can be reused for future seasons, no change in the assortment of bricks is envisaged for next 3-4 seasons.

The WRO Brick Set comes with no building instructions. All instructions to build these objects are given in the game rules for the respective Regular Category.

It is not mandatory to use the bricks out of WRO Brick Set, you may use your stock LEGO bricks or source bricks from other outlets – but WRO recommends you to use the WRO Brick Set as it is a cost effective solution.