Sphero BOLT+


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Electrify learning at school or at home with BOLT+, the new evolution of the most popular programming robot

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Electrify learning at school or at home with BOLT+, the new evolution of the most popular programming robot

Sphero BOLT+ is a spherical programmable robot that offers best-in-class, hands-on classroom learning experiences and supports beginner to advanced programmers. It features an array of programmable sensors and motors, a bright LCD screen and endless teaching opportunities through hands-on applications. BOLT+ allows for more programming, more hands-on learning opportunities and more fun! One BOLT+ supports up to 2 students and promotes group programming and cooperative learning

Boost creativity and self-expression with the 128×128 pixel programmable LCD screen with crisp graphics and 650+ vibrant graphics and playful animations. BOLT+’s LCD screen can also display real-time sensor data, helping to accurately debug code

Using the free Sphero Edu app, move precisely using the new Roll to Distance block, enable manual driving in the middle of your program, and customize software button responses on your programming device

Push the BOLT+ to the limits, safe in the knowledge that its durable shell offers the ultimate in safety. Let creativity take over, dip the BOLT+ in colors to create artwork or cross a river without worry.

Explore downloadable guides, cross-curricular activities and lessons that are aligned with international educational standards

BOLT+ is a great tool for teachers and developers of all levels, with three programming modes (Draw, Block and Text programming)

QI wireless charging and optimized power management ensure extended operation of BOLT+ on a single charge for the entire day, while the “Shake to Wake” feature makes it easy to activate BOLT+ and connect it to a device

  • 1 BOLT+ Robot
  • Inductive charging base
  • 360-degree protractor with heading, directions, and clock
  • Sphero sticker sheet
  • Quick start guide