LEGO Education Renewable Energy Add-on Set

159.90 120.00

Piece Count 12
Age 8+



This exciting add-on set allows students to learn about renewable energy sources and can be used with the Simple & Powered Machines Set (9686) and LEGO MINDSTORMS Education (9797). The set includes a solar panel, turbine blades, a motor/generator, LED lights, an extension wire, a LEGO Energy Meter and full-colour building instructions for six real-life LEGO models to build with 9686. Add the Renewable Energy Activity Pack (2009688) for detailed lesson plans to cover solar, wind and hydro power.onnected to the MINDSTORMS NXT brick, the energy meter works as a sensor and can be used for both programming and data logging. Activities and Building instructions for using 9688 with MINDSTORMS can be downloaded free of charge at

  • Meets Science & Technology curriculum goals
  • Gives students a highly relevant insight into different Renewable Energy sources, e.g. solar, wind, hydro and hand generated power
  • The product is compatible with both Simple and Powered Machines and MINDSTORMS
  • Including building instructions for 6 different models to build with the Simple and Powered machines set
  • Free activities and building instructions to build with MINDSTORMS on
  • Includes Energy Meter that allows students to store and use the generated energy
  • The Energy Meter also gives you the opportunity to datalog in the MINDSTORMS datalogging software


  • Building and exploring renewable energy through real-life LEGO models
  • Exploring energy supply, transfer, accumulation, conversion and consumption
  • Engaging students in engineering and design


Activity Pack for Renewable Energy Add-on Set