Rechargeable Bee-Bot

AGES2 - 5


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Brand new model with the ability to communicate with each other !

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Programming the future with Bee-Bot®!

Bee-Bot® is a perfect starting point for teaching control, programming, understanding of sequence and cause and effect to students as young as 3 years old. It is programmed with on-board buttons and can be programmed to move precisely in space by moving forward, backward, turning left and right. They move on smooth flat and slightly sloping surfaces of various materials such as: paper, tarpaulin, cement, tile, wood, plastic, carpet With a memory of up to 200 steps, Bee-Bot® can now detect another Bee-Bot® or Blue-Bot® and say hello.They will play a preset sound or students can record their own. Students can also record audio for playback when each button is pressed, making it more accessible to all students, including those with auditory or visual processing needs. Bee-Bot® moves in 15 cm steps and turns in 90° turns. Supplied with a USB cable, Bee-Bot® can be recharged either via your computer or via a wall socket with a USB power supply (not supplied) The Bee-Bot® app is now available.The Bee-Bot® app makes use of the functionality of the Bee-Bot® keyboard and enables children to improve their directional language and programming skills using an app BeeBot now has rechargeable batteries ( inside the BeeBot) !!!
  • Sturdy construction and small in size
  • Easy to read buttons (command buttons)
  • Memory to program up to 200 steps
  • Easy programming
  • Confirms your instructions (programming) both by beeping and flashing eyes
  • Audio recording capability
  • Moves in 15 cm steps at a time and rotates (left or right) by 90° with precision
Dimensions: (Length) 13cm (Width) 10cm (Height) 7cm The package includes the Bee-Bot and a USB cable so you can charge it from your computer