NXT IRSeeker V2

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The NXT IRSeeker V2 (Version 2) is a multi-element infrared detector that detects infrared signals from sources such as the HiTechnic IRBall soccer ball, infrared remote controls and sunlight. It is perfect for robot soccer competitions.
The IRSeeker V2 operates in 2 selectable modes,

Modulated (AC) Mode – The sensor will detect modulated IR signals such as those from the HiTechnic IRBall or some IR remote controls. In Modulated mode the sensor will filter out most other IR signals to decrease interference from lights and sunshine for example. The sensor is tuned to square wave signals at 1200Hz.
Un-modulated (DC) Mode – The sensor will detect un-modulated IR signals such as older style IRBalls or sunlight.

IRSeeker V2
The IRSeeker V2 uses advanced digital signal processing techniques to filter the signals received and select only the signals required. A newly designed housing with a constant radius curved end cap increases directional peformance by minimizing distortion of light signals entering the sensor.

The IRSeeker direction values are shown here with 1 indicating the infrared target is left and behind, 5 if the target is directly ahead and 9 if the target is to the right and behind. A value of 0 is returned if no signal is detected.