NXT Compass Sensor

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Expand your NXT experiences with the new NXT Compass Sensor and add accurate navigation to your Mindstorms® NXT projects. The NXT Compass Sensor is a digital compass that measures the earth’s magnetic field and outputs a value representing the current heading. The magnetic heading is calculated to the nearest 1° and returned as a number from 0 to 359. The NXT Magnetic Compass Sensor updates the heading 100 times per second. The Compass Sensor operates in two modes, Read mode and Calibrate mode. In Read mode, the current heading is calculated and returned each time to the NXT program executes a read command. In Calibrate mode the compass can be calibrated to compensate for externally generated magnetic field anomalies such as those that surround motors and batteries, thereby maintaining maximum accuracy.

The NXT Compass Sensor contains a digital magnetic compass that measures the earth’s magnetic field and calculates a heading angle. The Compass Sensor connects to an NXT sensor port using a standard NXT wire and uses the digital I2C communications protocol.  The current heading is calculated to the nearest 1° and refreshed 100 times per second.

The Compass Sensor is housed in a standard Mindstorms sensor housing to match the other Mindstorms elements.

To test your new sensor, plug it into port 2 of your NXT and select View > Ultrasonic cm > Port 2. As you swing the sensor around, you’ll notice that the readings will change from 1 – 179. (0 will display as ?????? while in View mode.)