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Mix and match soft parts and pieces to create your own huggable Mixaroo™ friend ready for creative play. Mixaroo was developed in collaboration with paediatric therapy experts and is ideal for Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and building key Early Learning skills including fine motor skills and problem-solving. Children can express their creativity when attaching the 12 easy-stick parts to create their own adorable Mixaroo.

Developed in collaboration with paediatric therapy experts, Mixaroo helps with Social Emotional Learning and developing key Early Learning skills.

  • Ideal for tactile learning and practising fine motor skills.
  • Children attach the soft, mix and match parts to create their own unique huggable Mixaroo friend.
  • Mixaroo comes with 12 easy-stick parts in bright colours.
  • Mixaroo has an elephant trunk, lizard spikes, 2 cat ears, 3 lion manes, 2 elephant ears, a lizard tongue and 2 dragon wings.
  • Mixaroo’s body measures approx. 21cm L x 17cm W x 29cm H. A lion mane measures 29cm L and a dragon wing measures 18cm L x 12cm W.