HiTechnic Infrared Electronic Ball


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The all new HiTechnic Infrared Electronic Ball (IRB1005), with four operating modes, is perfect for playing robot soccer or for as an infrared beacon for your robot to find. The well balanced ball contains 20 infrared LEDs giving full signal coverage. The IRB1005 can also be switched to operate in un-modulated (no pulse) mode, or trapezoidal mode as used with Robocup Jr competitions, or one of two HiTechnic modes, 1200Hz and 600Hz, provide added flexibility and detection ranges up to 5 meters or more (15+ feet). The pulse modulated IR signals make the HiTechnic Infrared Electronic Ball easier to detect in difficult background lighting conditions. The HiTechnic pulsed modes increase usable range and battery life. A perfect companion for the HiTechnic IRSeeker Sensor with its selectable modes tuned to the IRBall signals. The IRB1005 is 75mm (~ 3 inches) in diameter and requires 4 AAA batteries (not included).