Arduino Braccio ++



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Arduino Braccio ++, the revolutionary, eco-friendly arm-evolution of the Tinkerkit Braccio robot

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Designing the future of robotic arms

The next evolution of the Tinkerkit Braccio robot, Arduino Braccio ++ is a robotic arm designed solely for higher education, including engineering schools and university institutes of technology – or even advanced high school and college students studying the sciences, industrial science or technology Arduino Braccio ++ is fully optimized and can be assembled in several ways for multiple tasks, such as moving objects, mounting a camera and tracking your movements, or attaching a solar panel and tracking the movement of the sun. Its uses are almost limitless Students will learn real life applications of physical concepts through lifting, placing, and rotating an item. These concepts include motions, forces, torque, gear ratios, stability, and weight of payload Arduino Braccio ++ offers a multitude of expansive possibilities from the very outset, including a new Braccio Carrier with LCD screen, new RS485 servo motors, and a totally enhanced experience. The main material used to build the Arduino Braccio ++ structure is a recycled and eco-friendly plastic called EcoAllene, a plastic material obtained from recycled polylaminate found in food cartons, meaning that all the plastic parts of Arduino Braccio ++ are sustainable and 100% recyclable In addition to the open-source hardware in the kit, there’s an e-learning platform with step-by-step instructions, lessons, and other learning materials. The content involves projects and lessons on how to use and test the different parts of the hardware ( including the display, joystick, buttons and intelligent motors) and covering  kinematics, dynamics, and control at university. For high school, it also covers computer-integrated manufacturing
The Braccio++ kit includes (but isnʼt limited to):
  • Assembly parts, screws, nuts, springs, and a screwdriver
  • Six Arduino RS485 Smart Servo Motors (four SR418D servo motors which control the arm joints, and two SR312 servo motors which control the claw)
  • Arduino Braccio Carrier
  • Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect
  • A printed guide on how to assemble the kit, make it work with the motors, and upload your first sketches
  • Kinematic chains
  • Mathematical tools for kinematics and the dynamics of robot arms
  • Methods to reason about 3-dimensional space and relationships between coordinate frames
  • Delivering a payload to a specified location
  • The geometry and mathematical representation of rigid body motion
  • Forward and inverse kinematics of articulated mechanical arms
  • Trajectory generation
  • Manipulator dynamics
  • Actuation and design issues
  • Manipulator control
High school:
  • Motions and forces
  • Interactions of energy and matter
  • Manufacturing processes, product design, robotics, and automation
  • Robotic or automated system arm construction
  • The concepts of torque, gear ratio, stability, and weight of payload
  • The concepts of linkages and gearing in end effectors and their use in a robotic or automated arm system
How is the content structured? 
Arduino Braccio ++ includes an online learning platform with educational content. The content is structured with a how to get started section, four lessons, and three projects
The lessons are meant to be taught chronologically, as students will need to apply their previously learned knowledge to the next lesson
The content includes teacher notes, activities, and challenges for the students which follow the main topics inside the lessons, building up in complexity one after another

What are the minimum knowledge requirements for using the kit?
To use Arduino Braccio ++, students need basic programming knowledge and should be familiar with Arduino

How many students can use the kit?
Up to three students can use the kit

How many lessons are included in the kit and what are they? 
The content comes with four lessons and a getting started guide. The lessons teach students about the different components included in the kit. Students will learn how to use the different features of Arduino Braccio ++ and how to solve problems related to the components
After going through the lessons, students will learn about topics related to the basic movements possible by Arduino Braccio ++, such as motions and forces, kinematics, manufacturing processes, torque, gear ratio, and control. Students will be able to use the buttons, joystick, program-specific movements, modify the position of the motors, and craft final positions for Arduino Braccio ++

What are the projects?
In contrast with the lessons (that focus on the separate components of Arduino Braccio ++), the projects integrate the components to the whole assembly parts of the arm. Students apply what they learned during the lessons and build their knowledge on how the assembled Arduino Braccio ++ works