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The Arduino Alvik is a powerful and versatile robotic car specifically designed for coding and robotics education.

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The first Arduino Robot

Designed for education and creation on the move, Arduino Alvik features a compact square design, ideal for flexible and various learning environments — whether in classrooms, labs, or at home. It’s your personal robot companion tailored for hands-on making, effortless coding, or engaging robotics competition.

Engineered with materials ensuring durability and reliability, Alvik boasts high-quality components and assembly, guaranteeing optimal performance across various educational activities.

Embracing a spectrum of programming languages such as block-based programming1, MicroPython, and Arduino C2, Arduino Alvik is designed for primary school students to advanced learners. Its intuitive interface and curriculum content transform coding into a fun and immersive experience, fostering creativity from interactive game design to pioneering IoT and AI projects, in line with future aspirations. Seamlessly integrated within the Arduino ecosystem, it enriches the learning journey for users across all skill levels.

Powered by the Arduino Nano ESP32, the Alvik robot monitors and interacts with the real world with high-quality, incorporated sensors. These include line-following sensors, a Time of Flight distance sensor, a 6-axis accelerometer & gyroscope, as well as proximity and color sensors. It also accommodates connections to two micro-servo motors. Alvik is versatile and precise, offering a world of possibilities and applications.

Arduino Alvik features connectors for LEGO® Technic™ and M3 screws, and is also 3D printing and laser cutting design-compatible. This robot isn’t confined to one shape — it’s a canvas for your imagination!

Effortlessly add external sensors to the Grove and QWIIC plug-and-play connectors without the need for soldering or complex wiring, enabling prototyping and experimentation within minutes. Students can personalize and expand their robots for specific tasks or unique creations.

Immerse students in over 19 engaging lessons with robotics and programming activities, exploring robotics movements and tackling innovative projects such as smart warehouses and smart highways. Lessons foster interdisciplinary connections, and encourage everyone to explore technology through hands-on projects and collaboration. By understanding the tech, students develop critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities, preparing them for real-world challenges.