Learning Can Happen Anywhere with LEGO® Education

Today’s schools must be prepared to deliver curriculum and support pupils across multiple learning environments. LEGO® Education offers teachers the resources to adapt their hands-on lessons so that learning can occur in a variety of situations, whether it’s in-person, virtual or a blend of these two approaches.

A new approach in the learning experience

No matter where learning happens pupils can be engaged in hands-on STEAM lessons that build the confidence and resilience that is so vital right now. LEGO Education solutions are designed to be intuitive and adaptable, giving teachers flexibility and ensuring that Learning can Happen Anywhere either in person, virtually or a combination of both.

In Person STEAM Learning

LEGO® Education utilizes high-quality materials for LEGO® elements to give children the safest and best learning experiences possible.

We’re here to support teachers in the classroom with a range of resources like hygiene guidelines, best practices, and tips for keeping learning hands-on in the era of physical distancing.


Virtual STEAM Learning

Adapt your lessons for virtual learning with the support of one of our helpful guides:

Supplement your SPIKE Prime lessons with a third party virtual experience:

Help your students manage their learning material at home:


Hybrid STEAM Learning

Check out the new SPIKE Prime STEAM lessons – adaptable for hybrid learning settings:

Adapt your lessons for hybrid learning with the help of one of our useful guides:

Help your students manage their learning material at home:

Activity Briefs – Easy-to-use, printable 1-pagers that inspire students with open-ended challenges:

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