Code Week is back!

The EU Code Week invites teachers and students to participate in an interactive and ultra fun trip in the world of robotics and coding. From 10th-25th of October you can be part of it, and get in touch with mind-like teachers and students from all over Europe.

What is Code Week?

EU Code Week is a grassroots initiative which aims to bring coding and digital literacy to everybody in a fun and engaging way.

It is a EE initiative to boost digital training and learning through STEM principles, therefore all schools within the EE are strongly encouraged to be part of the larger family.

Code Week offers all students the possibility to make their first steps as digital creators, by providing schools and teachers free professional development opportunities, teaching materials, international challenges and opportunities to exchange.

LEGO® Education Official Partner
As in 2019 LEGO® Education is a proud sponsor of the EU Code Week, aiming to support the initiative and help spreading the STEM principles in Europe.

#CodeWeek 2020

Back in 2015, Brendan Paolini composed the Ode to Code, which has been since then remixed and danced by thousands of EU Code Week-ers, to celebrate this initiative in a fun and engaging way. This year we want to revamp this tradition together. Anyone – schools, teachers, libraries, code clubs, businesses, public authorities – are invited to celebrate EU Code Week 2020 by organising an activity to dance, remix and animate the Ode to Code and adding it to the map.

The format of your activity is up to you, but we recommend you include some practical, hands-on time, where participants can create products on their own, play with software’s or tinker with some hardware. You can use whatever tools and technologies you like, but we do favour open source material.

How to participate in the EU Code Week Dance Challenge?

Chose an activity that its your audience and students’ attitude, interests, and age.

Whether you are organising this activity at school or elsewhere, make sure your participants team up together, in pairs of two or larger groups.

Come up with a plan and carefully design your solutions in order to be ready for the implementation.

Each team can register their participation in the challenge on the EU Code Week map

All teams should now create their dance, song, or animation. The result is important, but the process to get there and what you learn along the journey, even more!

Follow @CodeWeekEU on Instagram and make sure you mention @CodeWeekEU in your story and to use the hashtag #CodeWeekDance.

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